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Hours of Operation - 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday

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Liberty County Animal Control 

Liberty Humane Shelter is NOT the same organization as Liberty County Animal Control. 

Liberty County Animal Control is high-kill and county-run. Their job is a terrible one, and we hate that they must do it. If there were more responsible animal owners in Liberty County there would be fewer animals for them to pick up as strays, and fewer that would be breeding repeatedly. 

We as a community need to take control of the animal population and start spaying and neutering our animals. We also need to be responsible for the pets that so depend on us to care for them. 

When they get lost, please search for them until they are found. Many people do not even know where their animal goes when they are picked up by animal control. After 5 days, a stray pet picked up by LCAC can be put down; don't let this happen to your pet. 

Please let your family, friends, and neighbors know if they have lost a pet, to look for them, to come out to the shelter and look for them, to bring a picture of them and to come back every day and look for them. Your pet is depending on you to save him or her. Please help us, help the animal find its owner!

Read this please!

If your animal is missing, please do not depend on Petpoint pictures to tell you if animal control has it. Any animal brought into animal control is on limited time (3 to 10 days) and if you wait to check, your loving companion may already be dead. Animal Control is the first place you should check and you should keep checking. Don't depend on a phone call or a microchip. Go look with your own eyes - it is the only way to be certain. Animal controls number is 912-876-9191. 

If you have found a stray, you may drop them off at animal control. If you have lost your pet, please call animal control and go by animal control and leave a picture and a number and call everyday to check, better yet come by everyday to check. Your pet is depending on you! If you have an animal cruelty case, please let animal control know of it immediately, Liberty County enforces the animal ordinances and laws.


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